Transportation Enhancements and Alternatives Projects Series

This series highlighted projects that demonstrate innovate and creative ways cities throughout our state have used transportation enhancement and transportation alternative funding.

In January 2013, some Michigan legislators expressed their opinion that road improvement projects should be the sole recipients of transportation funding. This excludes pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure, streetscape beautification, lighting, and many other improvement projects. This TE/TA series aimed to demonstrate why we need to protect the continued funding of such projects, for our streets, downtowns, communities, and state.

1. Plainwell Streetscape Enhancements
Plainwell repaired infrastructure along a 2-mile stretch of M-89, as well as enhanced the streetscape of the downtown to make it a vibrant destination.

2. Safe Routes to School
Safe Routes to Schools is a pilot program to increase the number or kids walking and biking to school, and to enhance the safety of such alternatives.

3. Water Unpollution
The Saginaw Bay Watershed, which provides water to 1.4 million people, was cleaned of contaminants and restored as a healthy water source.

4. Novi Receives $741,200 towards Metro Connector Rail
Novi receives the funding to go ahead with Phase I of their Metro Connector Rail, providing alternative transportation along Meadowbrook Road.

5. The Life, Death & Life of a Bay City Landmark Helps Revitalize Downtown
Bay City’s Pere Marquette Depot, once abandoned, now beautifully restored, serves as a landmark and a home to local organizations.

6. Benton Harbor Beautification Project
Benton Harbor’s downtown undergoes a revitalization project to repair infrastructure and beautify the area, making it a welcoming destination and a desirable location for business.

7. Grand River Arts Walk a Valuable Corridor for Downtown Jackson
The creation of the Grand River Arts Walk in Jackson, MI highlights the value of corridors in the revitalization of urban centers.

8. Preservation of Face in the Rock
The preservation of an historical landmark tells a unique story of Michigan’s heritage.