Support the Arts Pledge

In 2010 we launched a campaign to increase Michigan’s arts funding. Let’s Save Michigan believes the arts are vital to the future of our state, so we wrote a petition to urge legislators to restore arts funding. We are proud that 1,273 of our readers signed the petition, sending a clear message to Lansing.

While the petition is no longer active, here is the text for anyone interested:

I strongly support increasing the state’s art funding to $9 million by 2011. To reach this level would cost the state a mere 90 cents per person, up from the current level of 23 cents.
Funding the arts is key to creating vibrant communities with a high quality of living. These cities are more likely to attract and retain a talented workforce and business investment.
In addition to improving quality of living, investing in the arts has a tangible economic impact—this money funds an industry that:
• Generates $1.8 billion a year in cultural tourism spending,
• Supports 75,000 jobs in Michigan, and
• Pays for jobs that cannot be outsourced or relocated across state lines.
Unfortunately, over the past eight years, the Legislature has slashed arts funding by 92 percent. As a result, Michigan, a state that was once a leader in arts funding, now ranks 48th in the nation. Until we increase support for the arts, our communities will continue to suffer as the quality of life declines.
I support the arts in Michigan. I believe the arts add to our quality of life and are an important part of our future. And I urge Lansing to return Michigan to its position as a leader in arts and culture.