RTA Now!

In 2011-2012, Let’s Save Michigan drafted a letter urging legislators to pass Bills 909 and 911, which would create a Regional Transit Authority for southeast Michigan.  2,172 of our readers sent this letter to their governor and state legislators urging them to pass the bills. In December, 2012, both bills were signed into law, and Michigan established its much needed – and long awaited – transportation entity.

Here is the text of the letter:

Dear (State Senator),

For Michigan to compete in the 21st century, we need a 21st century transportation system.

We need to support southeast Michigan in its transition to a more prosperous region, through 21st century transportation investments. I support the creation of a Regional Transit Authority for Metro Detroit, and ask that you will too. An RTA will help Detroit and its surrounding communities provide more efficient, convenient, and coordinated transit options, which the region desperately needs.

This week you may vote on Senate Bills 909 and 911, which would create a Regional Transit Authority for southeast Michigan.  This legislation includes:

–the ability of the RTA to levy a region-wide tax for funding,
–mandatory participation for communities within its jurisdiction,
–the capacity to allow additional, contiguous communities to the original jurisdiction to join the RTA if they choose, and
–an RTA board that represents the counties involved and the City of Detroit, ensuring that all types of communities within the region have a voice.

Please make the creation of an RTA for southeast Michigan a priority, and you can count on my support.  Please vote YES on S.B. 909 and S.B. 911.

Michigan has no time to waste.

  • Don Dudek

    As a former resident(30years) of Detroit and living in the suburbs now i personally would not vote for a millage for the RTA until the Smart and Detroit bus systems become one until than there would not be a true Regional transit anyway.we need to get the systems together to streamline all operations under 1 entity or boss/authority