West Village Manor, Detroit

West Village Manor first appears in Detroit city directories in the 1928 edition. At this time, the main commercial tenant was Nihem Brothers Grocers. The sixteen residential units, with an entry at 8015 Agnes, were called the Hyle Apartments. A building permit was first issued for the building in 1925 for a brick building with nine stores and sixteen apartments.

The building has precast concrete detailing including a decorative cornice and horizontal banding, with vertical banding and two animal figure head medallions at the residential entry. It is of average scale and level of detail and would likely be considered of contributing significance to this local historic district.

Currently, this building sits at the heart of historic East English Village on Detroit’s eastside, and our placemaking initiatives will contribute to the walkability and vibrancy of this neighborhood. The building is in need of improvements that will contribute to the street life of the neighborhood and make the Agnes/Mack corner an attractive place.

Our goal is to create a sense of place at West Village Manor, creating vibrant street life in a designated historic neighborhood on Detroit’s eastside.

In order to create a true sense of place at West Village Manor, we propose simple but impactful façade and sidewalk-area improvements, including flowers and window boxes and benches for passers-by. Creating an attractive and engaging space at West Village Manor will benefit our community by establishing this building, at the heart of the community, as a destination, and a place that residents want to be.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: