Veteran’s Memorial Park, Sault Ste. Marie

The project goal is to create a Veteran’s Memorial Park at Lake Superior State University to work in conjuction with the State of Michigan’s goal of getting more veterans enrolled in post-secondary studies. The park will represent recognition of the service that our veterans have had for LSSU and its community and by connecting this with the history of LSSU as Fort Brady will bring the memorial together.

The proposed site is in the center grounds at Lake Superior State University (LSSU). It is in front of the Administration building. Currently the site has minimal landscape but has the basic infrastructure in place to complete the project in a reasonable time frame once funds have been isolated.

Once implemented, this project will help to bridge the gap between the university and its community by creating a place that represents not only the history of Fort Brady but the dedication and sacrifice that was given by many of its community members in protecting our community. The project will help to bring more recognition to the importance that our community and its veterans have had on LSSU and its foundation.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: