Trash to Treasure, Marine City

Marine City is a small town of 4,500 residents in St. Clair county, and sits along the edge of the St. Clair River The river joins Lake Huron to the north and Lake St. Clair to the south. Marine City has a unique placement on the St. Clair River as a Port of Entry from Canada to the US. In recent years Marine City has realized that tourism to our town is of prime importance to help with our economy. Restoration and beautification of our town draws visitors from other parts of Michigan as well as from Canada.

The Project Site is the east wall of a cement block enclosure which conceals 3 dumpsters owned by the Riviera Restaurant and fronts the river. The cement block wall [21” X 7”] is the first thing visitors from Canada see as they enter our Port of Entry from Ontario. The landscaping around of the wall is overgrown in places and non-existent in others. This wall and surrounding area are also visible from a public park to the south and is an eyesore.

The Historical Society of Marine City’s 1st goal is to paint a charming Port of Entry welcome sign on the dumpster wall, which will include hand painted images of our historic lighthouse [the Peche Island Light] and our 126 years old City Hall.

The 2nd goal is to vastly improve the landscaping at the base of the wall with plantings of small Hydrangea bushes, carpet style Junipers, and assorted lilies and daffodils.

Our project will enhance the appearance of a necessary but ugly enclosure and impress those traveling by ferry to our shores. Also it will be clearly visible to all the pleasure craft that cruise the St. Clair River and spark interest in boaters to come and visit and enjoy our downtown.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: