Stone Building Renovation, Lake Odessa

The stone building is situated at an entry-point to the heart of downtown Lake Odessa.  The building was constructed during the early 1900’s and served as a gas station. It was subsequently turned over to the Village of Lake Odessa and first used as the original “Chamber of Commerce” business office.  The Chamber eventually outgrew the building, and since then it has gone unused.

The project goal involves landscaping, painting and restoration of a blighted and forgotten landmark in downtown Lake Odessa.  Once much-needed improvements have been made, the building will serve as a central information station, ticket booth and/or base of operations for community events and festivals.

This project will enhance the attractiveness of Lake Odessa’s downtown business district with a fresh and updated building with complementary landscaping.  The current location for information at community events and festivals is a pop-up canopy that is difficult to secure and heat during inclement weather, and may change locations depending upon the structure of the festival.  Restoration of the stone building will allow for a historic landmark to be revived and will create a permanent information/ticket booth location that will be available for the various community festivals and events.


Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: