Pedal Powered Film Festival, Ann Arbor

The Pedal Powered Film Fest is a multiplayer cooperative experience of the effort required to produce electricity. The sculpted experience cooperative play in this inflatable space fosters an organic sense of community.

The Pedal Power Film Fest is a huge glowing inflatable domed structure–a translucent spectacle that draws people in and then holds their attention with a compelling cooperative experience inside. The films projectors will be powered by three of the pedal generators but they will only project moving images after dark. In the daytime, users will power dance music and a bubble blowing cauldron. See this video link of my Pedal Powered Bubble Dance Party.

The Film Festival will be located on the “Diag” in Ann Arbor, a major student thoroughfare, at the EarthFest in September 2012.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: