North Rosedale Park Tree Nursery and Outdoor Classroom, Detroit

The North Rosedale Park Tree Nursery is located on Stahelin Avenue between McNichols Road and Grove Street. It is located in a residential neighborhood with one of the oldest and strongest civic associations in Michigan. It is also two blocks away from T. Dale Cooke Elementary School. The nursery sits on land purchased by the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC). It is formally the site of a vacant and abandoned house which was demolished. To the South of the tree nursery’s lot there is new housing development while to the North it is only a few lots away from McNichols Road, where local businesses are located.

We plan to fence in the tree nursery, install signage and install rain barrels, which will help to designate it as a place. This new community space will be used to foster programs encouraging nature education and community commitment- not only for our youth, but for the community as a whole.

In order to designate the tree nursery as a place it needs to be fenced in. This will differentiate the lot from its neighbors and identify it as its own entity. Additionally, we plan to install identification signage to draw the community into the space and rain barrels to make the space sustainable. Future amenities for the tree nursery could include benches, way finding identifiers, compost bins, designated pathways within the space, and raised bed gardens.

Having an identified, sustainable space that is youth, family, and community oriented located on this particular block will help to boost the neighborhood’s morale as it will become a unique feature, specific only to this location. It will foster community spirit, enhance community pride and promote neighborhood safety. Cooke Elementary School’s curriculum that is incorporated into the sustainable maintenance of the tree nursery will serve the children for a life time. It will promote social and civic skills that demonstrate the importance of community, thereby fostering a new generation of engaged and committed citizens.


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