New Life Community Garden, Flint

Our goal is to enhance the center’s ongoing programmatic work in the community and focuses on health promotion and self-sufficiency (e.g. nutritional, educational, parenting, and employment programs). We aim to “change the life of one person, one family, and one community.”

This proposal will significantly impact the community by providing a safe place for women and children to get access to healthy foods. The community garden will foster community development and entrepreneurship among vulnerable and marginalized women where poverty and health disparities are epidemic. It will serve as a healthy food source in a “food desert” for community-dwelling women and their families. Making the space a garden sends a powerful message about healthy living and taking care of the environment while promoting health and exercise. This garden will inspire and empower women and their families who will own what they sow allowing them to take save their community.

Women will participate in cultivating and maintaining the garden and distributing the product. In a city where obesity is endemic and healthy foods are scarce, it is imperative the women have hope and control over their lives. With unemployment devastating the city of Flint, having a community garden would help give women a sense of purpose because they can provide for their families and for the community. Moreover the community will see a space where people are caring for their environment and taking pride in their work while the flower garden and pond will beautify the space and allow reflection. Additionally, the community garden will serve as a communal space.

Flint is a city challenged by an environment where there is limited access to grocery stores, high crime rate, high levels of poverty, and inadequate funds for community development. The center’s work is a beacon of hope for the most vulnerable women who need assistance to become independent.

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