Intermodal at Morrison’s Addition, Grand Rapids

The vacant lot at the corner of Wealthy & Fuller streets is in the middle of two growing business districts in Uptown Grand Rapids. The property was a Marathon gas station that was torn down in the 1970’s and has been blighted and vacant ever since. The surrounding businesses are old gas stations converted into restaurants.

Intermodal at Morrison’s Addition aims to temporarily transform a vacant lot of 30+ years into a collection of eateries and artisan shops constructed from re-­‐purposed shipping containers.

Besides transforming a vacant lot, Intermodal is designed to facilitate new food entrepreneurs. The low cost, low risk model of opening a kitchen in a container will allow entrepreneurs to hopefully experiment more, bringing new cuisines to the local food scene. Intermodal plans to invest $15,000 to $20,000 insite work, repaving the lot and doing landscaping. We’ve also listed the parcel for sale, for the first time in 13 years, in hopes the exposure to the site will lead to a permanent development after Intermodal leaves.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: