City of Charlevoix Electric Vehicle Charging Pedestal

rking areas. The procurement and installation of an electric vehicle charging pedestal will take this one step further as we seek to satisfy citizen needs while simultaneously identifying Charlevoix as a community that values its surroundings.

Parking areas are the necessary evils of downtown infrastructure. They serve a vital purpose in the commercial success and use of downtowns while simultaneously offending aesthetic sensitivities. The White Parking Lot enhancement represents the City of Charlevoix’s second parking area improvement project since being named a “Cool City” in 2006 and the subsequent generation of the Charlevoix Downtown Blueprint 2007. This document suggested a variety of strategies to revitalize the downtown, one of which was the formalization of non-delineated parking areas. The City of Charlevoix is proud to have embraced its role as a regional leader in environmental awareness and pursued aggressive strategies to both address ecological challenges and set an example for our residents and visitors.

In addition to the possible installation of the electric vehicle charging pedestal, the White Parking Lot project will feature innovative environmentally-friendly stormwater management techniques, including the installation of a rain garden. This unique project raises the bar on the City’s commitment to preserve and protect water quality while promoting usage of a burgeoning electric vehicle market.  Our hope is that other communities in the region will follow the City’s strong environmental leadership and incorporate similar measures.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: