Brightmoor Alliance, Detroit

Brightmoor Alliance serves as a coalition of nearly 50 community-based organizations in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit. For over 10 years they have worked with their local community to strategically approach the development of the neighborhood through active engagement and support of community programs. In partnership with Detroit4Detroit, Brightmoor Alliance will serve as a provider of innovative grassroots projects through a number of Brightmoor’s incredible community organizations. The community is in dire need of financial assistance to keep the coalition strong and to provide a solid program to its residents. The current program aims to board up the abandoned houses and to have volunteers paint the boards to make the community more attractive.

This project aims to make the community a better place to live. We will have volunteers paint the boards to provide an outlet to young artists. This will make the vacant houses, (formerly an eyesore), more attractive while simultaneously making the community safer.

Currently there are numerous abandoned homes which are dangerous for residents. There are homes which are wide open which threaten children and are a danger to Brightmoor. It would be a great opportunity to board up these abandoned homes and protect the neighborhood and it would be wonderful to allow the children (and citizens of all ages) to paint, express themselves and help beautify the neighborhood. All around, it is a great project which could have exponential impact.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: