Brightening Brightmoor Historical House/Landscape, Detroit

15378 Lamphere is the one of the original homes built in 1923.  The house is in needed repair to its roof, siding, and front porch. Indoors, painting and removal of weak flooring will need to be repaired. The foundation around the dwelling is decaying because of moisture infiltrating the foundation.  Although grass is mowed occasionally, it is overgrown with weeds, and yard is poorly maintained.  It has received the designation of “historical dwelling” by the City of Detroit.  Adjacent two it are three vacant lots designated as the “Spirit Garden where children from the church and community grow crops for community markets and families consumption.  This property belongs to the church at 22520 Fenkell. However, in 2007, through a partnership with the Brightmoor Alliance, community leaders and Leland, Leland handed the upkeep and the use of the property to the community.  It would remain in its original state as leaders sought to have it designated as an historical site. The intent was to open it to the community as a historical museum. Community leaders would use it as a gathering place for tours, and “celebrating special community events” on the grounds.

Leland youth, ages 6-18 and adult mentors will begin this project as a community service learning project, during its proposed summer camp, beginning June 25—August 17, 2012.  Youth will each day, for two hours, M-TH include this project in their camp activities.  The children will plant crops in the 28 raised beds that are already on the three adjacent lots, beautify the landscape with shrubs, flowers, work with mentors to create painted murals, and assist where possible in the repair of the house in/outdoors.

This property has been neglected for the last three years, because of transitional leadership of community leaders and members.   Although the vision in 2007 when negotiated with the church was to make this an historical tour museum it has not materialized.  Therefore youth would like to celebrate the coming forth of this vision by completing the project and having it opened during the Detroit 6th Annual ARISE DETROIT Community Day scheduled, for Saturday, August 4.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: