Art Gallery at the Lincoln Street Art Park, Detroit

The proposed project for the Let’s Save Michigan contest is the creation of a graffiti-style street art gallery at the viaduct under and between the overhead Amtrack rail line on Lincoln St. near Holden. The current state of this alley is “trashed” for lack of a better word; but it has an amazing view to the north east that’s punctuated by the Fisher Building. Anyone biking, walking, commuting under the overpass, or riding the train, would look right into this space.

The park itself has been under development for one year. In 2012, we are seeking to build upon initial success and begin development of the adjacent spaces in conjunction with the park’s landscaping, art, and programming plans: directly across the street (where another Recycle Here lot is located) and the train alley that is directly to the south of the lot. Commuters on this stretch of Amtrack’s route to and from Ann Arbor and Chicago can see into the park and have a view of the two murals and two sculptures we commissioned last year with a grant from MCACA and the Detroit Recreation Department.

The Lincoln Street Graffiti-Style Street Art Gallery project’s goal is to create a permanent space, as well as to generate a small source of income, for a selected number of artists and their work.  A graffiti “Free Zone” will legitimize and celebrate the proliferation of graffiti-style street art culture in Detroit.

The Graffiti-Style Street Art Gallery will be planned and executed as follows:

• The project planning team will develop criteria for a request for proposals and have artists submit entries and samples of work.

• The RFP will be distributed through partner organizations: Street Culture Mash, The Alley Project (TAP), 323 East Gallery, and others to be determined.

• A judging panel will be assembled to review artists’ entries.

• Judges will select 4 or 5 artists from entries.

• Artists will receive a stipend/payment for their work and supplies; some materials and supplies will be provided by additional donations and funding.

• A three-day event—the Street Art Spectator Event—will be held around watching the artists paint as well as opening and closing/unveiling ceremonies.

Visual Representation of Project:

Place of Project Implementation: