It’s About Place: A Let’s Save Michigan Contest

picsYour Mission:
Find an underutilized space in your community. An alley, a pocket park, a vacant lot. With a group of neighbors, friends, business owners, or other community members, create a plan and design for turning that underutilized space into a community place.

The Reward:
Let’s Save Michigan will award $2,000 to fund the project of one grand prize winner, and will grant multiple awards, ranging from $500 to $2000, to partially or fully fund the projects of runners-up. Your community will be more attractive, more welcoming, safer, and more economically successful. Your city will adore you.

Let’s Save Michigan advocates for policies and practices that support, revitalize, and promote Michigan’s cities. For decades, disinvestment and our auto culture have contributed to the decline of our great public spaces. But thankfully, there is a new understanding in many communities and among many of our leaders that we need to reinvest in our public spaces, and rebuild the public amenities that make people choose to live, work, and play in Michigan’s cities of all sizes.

Fortunately, we’re not starting from scratch. Our cities and villages have good bones and unique architecture and assets. We can draw from placemaking experiments around Michigan and the world to guide us. It’s time to begin a set of new experiments in designing high-quality public spaces. And you can be a leader in that movement!

The contest application period is now closed. Browse the entries and vote for your favorite today!

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