Highways for Habitats Contest

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Let’s Save Michigan is announcing a new contest devoted to reimagining our highways. If you were in charge of designing throughways, what would you do differently?


Many of our roads—specifically state trunk lines and highways—are designed to move goods through a city as fast as possible.  Unfortunately, these throughways often serve as a drain on the cities they bisect and an interruption to the critical urban fabric that can support walkable, vibrant communities.

Highways for Habitats asks you to identify a site or location in Michigan where a highway or state trunk road has the potential to be something other than a speedy auto corridor.  Then, create your vision how it could be redesigned as a welcoming place, full of life, and safe for pedestrians and cyclists.  Submit your plan by October 18, 2013.

We would like to emphasize that we are happily accepting entries of all shapes, colors, and mediums.  Submissions do not have to be professional quality renderings – crayon drawings, pencil sketches, paper cut-outs and the like are perfectly acceptable.  The idea is what’s important!

After two rounds of voting—one online by the public and one by our esteemed panel of judges—a grand prize winner will receive one shiny new bike from Detroit Bikes.  A runner-up will receive a cycling goody bag from Holland’s Cross Country Cycle.

Looking for inspiration?

Get inspired by reading our Highways for Habitats blog series examining successful examples of highways that have been altered to work better for the communities they run through.  For more about why we’re doing this, and for additional resources, click here.

For information about the contest rules and timeline, please click here.

Finally, to review the submission requirements and upload your entry, click here.

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Let’s Save Michigan would like to thank our partners at Transportation for Michigan for their help putting this contest together. We are also extremely grateful to Detroit Bikes and Holland Cross Country Cycle for donating the contest prizes. Check out the beautiful, Michigan-made bicycle pictured above, and good luck to everyone trying to win it!

The original deadline of September 20 was changed to October 18.