Get Involved

When Michiganders take ownership of the future of our state you bring creativity, insights, and energy—and Let’s Save Michigan wants to harness and enable you to be a part of making Michigan more vibrant.  You can get involved in a number of ways:

Stay informed.  Peruse our blog to read about the projects we’re running, the issues we’re advocating for, and other Michigan happenings you can support.  Follow us on Facebook  and Twitter to get regular updates on the ways our great state is moving forward.

Stay REALLY informed.

Sign up to our email list receive the most in-depth information about Let’s Save Michigan’s campaigns.  We will keep you in the loop so you can be active.

Promote and contribute.  Love your city and want to help it become a more vibrant place to live?  Become a part of LSM’s advisory group, our City Champions, and get special updates and opportunities.

Participate.  Let’s Save Michigan is always planning or running one major campaign or project (like our It’s About Place contest of 2012 or upcoming transportation contest).  Put your creativity and knowledge to use, envisioning ways to revitalize your community and then getting to work.