About the Poster Contest

What is the poster contest about?

On December 15th, the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and Let’s Save Michigan issued an open call to artists, illustrators, and graphic designers for original posters to inspire Michiganders to revive their state. The goal was to create new posters that call Michiganders to action, and rally citizens to do the hard work that’s necessary to position Michigan for the future.

What are the requirements?

The requirements were simple: The posters should aim to be forward-looking, inspirational, and must include the phrase “Let’s Save Michigan” in the design.

Ideally, the new posters will be in the fashion of Works Progress Administration artwork of the 1930s, which is the subject of a DIA exhibition, and depict regional, recognizable subjects—ranging from portraits to cityscapes and images of city life that remind the public of quintessential American values such as hard work, community and optimism.

The submission process was open to anyone. There were no age or residency requirements to submit a poster for consideration.

What is the prize?

The winner will be awarded $1,000 and the runner-up will receive $250. After the voting concludes on March 15, you will be able to see the finalists displayed in the lobby of Detroit’s Historic Fischer Building.

How will you select winning posters?

It is a two step:

  1. The DIA and Let’s Save Michigan selected 60 finalists and posted them to this site.
  2. Visitors to the site select the winner by voting for their favorite posters—those they believe best embodies the spirit of Let’s Save Michigan’s campaign to revive the state.

How did the DIA and Let’s Save Michigan select the finalists?

After the submission process closed, the DIA and Let’s Save Michigan selected 60 finalists the felt best represented the spirit of the contest.

60 finalists? I thought you were going to select 25?

Correct, we were initially only going to select 25 finalist to post online and include in the voting process. However, the judges of the contest were so impressed—and pleased—with the high caliber and quality of the submissions that we decided to expand the finalist pool to include a total of 60 posters.

When did voting begin? And when will it end?

The morning of February 22 when Let’s Save Michigan posted all the finalists to the website.

Voting closes at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time March 15.

How does the voting process work?

  1. Visitors to the site may vote for as many posters as they like.
  2. A visitor may vote for the same poster more than once. However, they may only vote for that particular poster once every 24 hours. If you see a poster you like, then you can vote early and often for that poster—but only once a day!
  3. The winner tallies the most votes.
Winner Runner Up Runner Up Runner Up Runner Up Critic's Choice
Tany Nagy Parisa Ghaderi Brad Ackerman Joseph Cissell Jordan Walker Jonathan Wilcox