LSM’s Successes Part III: Transportation Innovation

Detroit-LID-Existing-Conditions-2Our most recent contest, Highways for Habitats, harnessed the creativity and bright ideas of our citizens to explore how to make roads that must serve the purpose of moving people and goods through communities simultaneously work better for the communities they bisect.  Often times, finding the right, balanced solution for our roads and cityscapes is challenging, and we asked you to get innovative and attempt a design that equally serves all road users.  The contest winner, livingLAB, with its design The Detroit Lid!, created a design that would strengthen Detroit’s core, enhance alternative transportation and pedestrian options, and reconnect areas of the city that had been isolated for decades.

As a primer for the contest, we ran a blog series that shared 30 case studies from around the world where creative transportation solutions truly harnessed the power of transportation to support healthier communities.