It’s About Place Update: Old Hartland High School

Old Hartland UPdatedThe Old Hartland High School is making progress turning a section of the old school into a community space for the alternative high school students, senior center residents and other activity center attendees who use the building.   So far they have painted the wall surrounding the area in bright yellow-green to liven up the space, leaving a white space in the middle of the wall which will feature art created by local students.  Artwork donated by the Hartland Art Council will be featured against the space’s soffits as well.

The project plan for the Old Hartland High School space called for a large poetry wall, and coordinators are hoping to really engage the community in its creation, by recruiting a resident of the senior center who has previously worked with students from the alternative high school on woodworking projects to help in the construction of the wall. They are also hoping to get some students to help create the signage for the area.

As their project starts taking shape, Let’s Save Michigan was excited to hear that the project coordinators were able to leverage their It’s About Place prize money into donations from the Hartland Art Council and Hartland Community Education to help complete the project. This is a great example of how small investments can inspire even greater engagement and support.  Way to go and keep up the great work!